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17097 Protostars

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Dylan #1
Outreach/Documentation Captain
I was born Sept 21 2005 in Helena MT. The thing that I enjoy the most is soccer and robotics. For soccer I am on the Helena Arsenal Team and I am on the Varsity team. I have 1 sister and her name is Ava, and my Mom’s name is Marlana and my dad’s name is Donny. I have 3 dogs, 2 of them are Boxers and the other one is a half Yorkie and half Maltese. Their names are Max, Roxy, and Bella.For Robotics I am on the Protostars 17097.These is my fourth season in FTC and I am super excited. On the team my role is doing the Engineering notebook.
Build Team Captain
I was born March 1, 2007 in Great Falls, MT. The things that I enjoy the most are robotics and building LEGO models. I have four other members of my family. My sister’s name is Jaina and she is a Freshman in college. My dad, Sam, and I love hunting and fishing together. My mom, Amy, is my homeschooling teacher. I take two college courses at Carroll College: Elementary Spanish and Intro to Engineering. This is my third season with Protostars and FTC, and I am really looking forward to a fun season. My role on the team is to work on designing and building the robot. I am also hoping to learn the Java library for the programming.
Programming Captain
My name is I. and I was born on June 9th, 2006. Some things that I enjoy include Photography, Gaming, Hiking, Camping, Drums, and Scouting. I have been in scouts for 11 years and I currently am thinking of ideas for my Eagle Scout Project. I have one brother who is 13, and two dogs. I have been on the team for 4 years and my main tasks are the Website, and Programming.
Team Member (aka: gremlin)
I was born on Jan 9, 2007 in Helena Montana. The things I enjoy doing is robotics and soccer. I have 4 other members in my family. I have my sisters Hadley and Haiden. Hadley is a senior in college and Haiden is a sophomore in college. My parents Molly and Jarrod who both work for the state. This is my 3rd year/season of FTC with Protostars. I am on our build team and programming team. I would like to learn how to code and use CAD to design my own things.
Team Member
I was born in Helena montana on January 22nd 2008 stuff I like doing outside of robotics is video games, D&D, programming, and exercising I have 1 dog and 3 cats my dogs name is Rex my cats names are ghosty, darkie, and gracie but we just call them kitty, kitty, and kitty I have 2 siblings my brothers name is Alaric and my sisters name is Kirsten this is my first year on 17097 Protostars I hope to do programming and drive if possible I am very excited for my first year here.
Team Member
Team Member
Dylan #2
Team Member